Stereotypes: Fishing

  • Length: 5:31
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  • Author: Dude Perfect


Fishing Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em. Grab your FREE audio book! ▻ PLAY our iPHONE GAME -

How to Find Fish - Bass Fishing

  • Length: 11:28
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  • Author: Flukemaster


Here are the basics on how I find fish on any given day without going into seasonal patterns. My other channel -

Fly Fishing For GT's On Christmas Island "Mind Blowing Action"


An amazing video of just one day in Christmas Island, with Peter Collingsworth catching many GT'S on fly to over 100lb. This amazing HD video shows how to ca...

Fishing with Shrimp

  • Length: 24:1
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  • View Count: 119141
  • Author: zoffinger


Thanks to Alafia Bait & Tackle for providing the shrimp! Get the Madbite Topwater Lure here: http://www.eposeido...

Extreme Saltwater Fishing!

  • Length: 8:44
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  • Author: BlacktipH


WEBSITE: You may live your life and never see anything like this! The entire Sebastian inlet was filled with pinfish. The tarpon,...

Roadside Creek Fishing

  • Length: 9:38
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  • Author: adamitshelanu


Roadside Creek Fishing Uncle Steve was driving along near Blaine, North Carolina down in Montgomery County near Badin Lake. He crosses a small creek that loo...

Fishing for Alligator Gar before the storm

  • Length: 7:43
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  • Author: M. Hood


Catching gar in Orleans canal before a bad storm.

Bushcraft Fishing Kit

  • Length: 19:2
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  • View Count: 6528
  • Author: MCQBushcraft


More Bushcraft resources at - Follow me on Twitter - The gear I use -

Fishing a Big 10-Inch Worm for Summer Bass

  • Length: 9:34
  • Rating Average: 4.759292 from 565 people
  • View Count: 172881
  • Author: Wired2Fish


Terry Brown talks about fishing a big worm in deep water for bass. It might be humps, points, creek or river channel ledges, etc.

Sight Fishing Smallmouth Bass


Killer smallmouth bass fishing action during the 2014 spawn on a large, extremely clear body of water in northern Michigan. Tubes, grubs, wacky rigs, and dro...

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